Full transparency.

SCADA, as it should be.

Get rid of messy spreadsheets, scattered data sources, and limited systems that only drill holes in your budget.

We work only with the Ignition platform to build, design, and implement industrial applications:

SCADA Project Framework

Ignition Project Consulting

Digital transformation, but without the headaches.

The tech

Connect and automate processes to increase operational performance. Empower your entire organisation to reach the business goals with data-driven decisions from one single source of truth.

what is digital transformation

The people

For you, an effective roadmap from development to implementation. For the operators, an HMI that shows the exact data they need. For your organisation, better communication, smarter decisions, and happier stakeholders.

Meaningful progress, faster:



We have a relentless focus on delivering valuable output each week. Instead of long processes, we consistently find and solve immediate problems, test, and adjust along the way.

Out-of-the-box thinking

Stay ahead of the ever-changing customer requirements and business needs with flexible, intuitive, and scalable features that evolve alongside you.

Eliminating risks

You get a free prototype to see a real-world solution built using Ignition and tested in your own company!

Ignition Premier

Enuda is the Ignition Integrator that focuses solely on the Ignition platform to build SCADA, MES, and IIoT solutions.

Why? Because of Ignition’s limitless possibilities, intuitive design capabilities, unique pricing model, and more.


"As of 2022, we have cooperated with Enuda over a period of three years."

“The effort is related to the implementation and rollout of a new SCADA solution based on the Ignition platform from Inductive Automation. As a water utility company with an inventory of 2.500+ installation sites, we expect the project to continue until 2025 – or even longer.

The cooperation with Enuda is most rewarding. Their staff is highly competent regarding the platform and the technical issues involved, and as a partner, we find them open and forthcoming, quality-oriented, reliable, and easy to work with. 

In my 30+ years as a project manager, I have not before seen a project of this magnitude and complexity running so smoothly.”

– Hans-Henrik Kaaber (Team lead, Digitalization), Novafos A/S

“We wanted to get access to data quickly and easily. In that regard, the project has been a success so far."

“I would recommend Enuda for the team’s technical capabilities. They immediately identified the problem, figured out how to get into the system and get data out of it, and built a solution that allows us to access the data and actually use it to meet our business goals.”

Andres Abildgaard, Halsnæs Forsyning

“The collaboration with Enuda was very nice, straightforward, and flexible."

“It’s been fun and easy to work together, and their skills are just amazing. I’ve been doing the data gathering and cleaning work partly manually prior to the project, and they were fast to catch up, automate it, and add functionalities that make my life easier.”

Ida Bülow Gregersen, Ramboll

“We needed communication that was clear, even to people without technical knowledge."

“Ignition provided us with a solution that is easier to access, more flexible in its visual presentation and is cheap to purchase and configure.”

Jonas Johansen, Norfors

Connect OT and IT securely, automate processes, track and present real-time data contextualized

to work smarter and make your life easier.

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