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Automation Solutions


We build solutions that collect, analyse and present your process data.




SCADA solutions and so much more. 

Fast and affordable.

You’re not locked in.

Problem by problem solutions. 

You choose which problem you want solved.

We build you a solution fast and affordable.

Get rid of tedious tasks.

Automate reporting.


Reporting from multiple data points.
Automate your documentation of compliance with regulative frames.
Automate check of data to ensure they are within specs in process.
Track & present KPIs.




Empowering solutions.

From whiteboards and excel to reliable and accessable data about your business.

Let everybody work on the same set of valid data.

Simplify and improve your decision process.

Ignition Gold Certified 8.0



Ignition Powerhouse.

All our solutions are build on the non-proprietary Ignition platform.

Modern IT practice with focus on data accessibility and where unlimited is taken for granted.


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