To achieve sustainable success,
get rid of the old wayS


We help you make smarter decisions in a fast-paced business environment by enhancing connectivity. We build customised IT solutions that do the work for you and empower you to discover new opportunities for digital transformation.


We don’t care about technology – we care about humans. Technology is here to make your life easier, not to complicate it. With it at the core of your operation, your business growth will be sustainable, smooth, and effective.
And we’re constantly proving it true.

We started Enuda to make a difference.

Implementing new technology in your operation isn’t easy, and the hoops you have to go through are risky. There’s a lot of time, money, and reputation that can be lost on a project like that – nobody wants to fail. 

Enuda’s founders have experienced that first-hand as project managers on the client’s side for decades. They knew there was a need for experts to help make the process easier.

In 2017, we created Enuda to become the strategic partner and guide that takes care of Ignition projects from A to Z. 

Proprietary and ridiculously expensive solutions were giving managers headaches. Ignition was a breath of fresh air – with open standards, powerful features, and a unique and affordable pricing model.

So, we decided to focus ONLY on Ignition to build excellent solutions.


But that’s not all.
In the industrial space, we saw a lack of:


  • Empathy for the risks that companies take when changing their systems and processes,
  • Keeping promises, meeting deadlines, and achieving the client’s requirements,
  • Out-of-the-box thinking,
  • Focus on making the end user’s life easier,
  • Interest in change management,
… and last but not least, we saw a severe lack of agility in the development and implementation of the solutions.


Enuda is here to fill these exact gaps – and more. 

Enuda is now the driver of growth and supporter of meaningful transformation in industrial companies, powered by Ignition.

What defines us


Agile principles

In the wake of Industry 4.0., business needs change quickly. We don’t waste time with long processes – we deliver results now.


  • You get a prototype to see the solution in action, free of charge.
  • We work in short sprints (usually, 2 weeks) and deliver valuable output from each of them.
  • We learn and adapt along the way. 


Meaningful change

We’re not afraid of change – we embrace it. 

Right now, maybe you only have an idea of what you want, but don’t know how to get there. We say: start where you are and build as you go. 

Change is scary, so we advocate for taking small steps towards a greater goal. Working by the agile principles, we do just that… and more. 



    In the industrial space, nobody cares about sharing knowledge, but we do. 

    We empower you to learn everything you want about our solutions and Ignition and have the confidence to manage them yourself to fit your needs. Not only do we build the solution, but we train your staff to use it. 



    From the very beginning, we knew we wanted to ensure a sleek design for our solutions. Don’t leave the design to the engineers – they wouldn’t know it when they see it! 

    Everyone deserves to access, understand, and decide with ease, based on nicely presented relevant data. 



    We’re not your typical organisation. 

    Our team is diverse, inclusive, exceptionally competent, and incredibly ambitious. We’re fascinated by human nature, with all its intriguing differences and delightful similarities. 

    We let our personalities shine through because we believe that fruitful collaboration is built on authenticity, knowledge, and empathy.


    Ignition by Inductive Automation fits perfectly into our organisational culture.

    From the moment we found it, we immediately felt empowered. It puts technology at the core of your system, not just at the surface, which opens up a whole new world of opportunities for improvement. 

    On top of that?

    It’s just a super cool platform that gives us everything we need.

    Got an inspiring idea about your company’s future?

    Let’s make it a reality.

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