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Technology used: Ignition 8, MS SQL Server

Client’s problem

The Logbook is a cornerstone in the daily operations. It is here the operator (and other staff) log information about critical events, systems failures or anomalies. The need was to move from a manual data management system to a digital environment, where the information is available across the entire organisation. And possibly to integrate with the SCADA system.

Our solution

In this video, Grisbel explains the solution in details and demonstrates the overall architecture:


Client’s benefit

The solution has a whole range of smart features, all of which make life more comfortable across the organisation. Among many others, these are features like filtering, integration with alarming events, possibility to send parts of the Logbook to specific recipients and all in multiple languages. 

The Logbook functions as a “one-stop-shop” for all critical information related to the daily operations, and it is adapted to the individual user, whether that is regular operators or management level.