How to build your own app
Published on: Jul 21, 2020


Usually, our work is concentrated on large and complex projects for professional users. In this project we aimed at demonstrating how to use Ignition with the private user in mind.What this project is about The “client” has a summer house where it can get pretty cold at nights well into the spring. Therefore they have placed a small heater in their greenhouse. A timer would turn it on at 3am and stop it at 8am.  

  Mathias, from our team, set up a temperature sensor, connected it to a device (a mini plc he built himself), and via a sim card and MQTT it’s connected to the internet. Karyna build an app for a smartphone in Perspective to control the heater. You can see the current temperature, if the heater is on or not, and set the temperature for when the heater should start.

Software: The Ignition Perspective Module
Inductive Automation launched the Ignition Maker Edition in June 2020, which opens a plethora of possibilities for building “home solutions.” The Maker Edition is FREE OF CHARGE for non-commercial use.

IoT equipment: we bought IoT equipment for less than 100 EUR

With a total cost of less than 100 EUR, plus a lot of time spent on trial & error to get it right, it enables virtually everyone to create their very own customised app.

Here you have (almost) all of the ingredients needed for building your own solution:

Karyna explains about our “Greenhouse” app. Why we built it and how it works. Initially, she made the video to inform the rest of the Enuda team about the project. However, we decided to make the video available to everybody.

Karyna made this pdf where she step-by-step explains how she made the app. Click to open it (opens in a new tab).

Need more help?

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