How Your Company Can Thrive in The Digital Transformation Era

April 22, 2021


Jan Madsen


Navigating the digital transformation gets to be easy and safe when you have a dedicated team of professionals by your side.

Are you overwhelmed by the perspective of digital transformation? 

Do you lack the human resources that can contribute with time and knowledge to lead the way? 

Don’t know where to start?

We have good news. Read on. 

An essential reminder

Let’s have a quick recap of the key points we have covered in our latest blog posts:

  • All the individual processes have to be connected to generate real-time, relevant, insightful data. 
  • The future is all about the network – you must have a platform that connects everything and is accessible at all times, from anywhere. 
  • Surface-level solutions are no longer effective. Technology has to be at the very core of your entire operation. Convenience, accessibility, and speed are essential.
  • “Software is eating the world. Open source is eating software.” Open source means collaborative innovation, which will lead to incredibly faster development. 

For manufacturing companies (and many other types of businesses), the Industrial Internet of Things shows an opportunity for much better performance, productivity, and cost-effectiveness. 

Why Enuda is the best partner for you

Technology is here to improve humans’ lives. That’s it. 

With that in mind, we strive to bring our best skills to the table to do just that for your company. 

From our experience with a wide range of clients, we have identified the most common problems a company encounters in the process of digital transformation.

You have the ideas and the needs, but you lack time, competent team members, and the knowledge to start taking action. 

Your business’ needs change at a faster rate than ever. To keep up with that and remain competitive, you need flexible, innovative, and affordable solutions. 

That’s where we come in. When you work with Enuda, you get: 

  • A highly competent team of professionals, but with an open mind, personality, and empathy.
  • A non-proprietary software platform on which we can build every application.
  • Future-proof SCADA and MES solutions, as well as the supporting tools, to provide real-time, insightful data about your organisation.
  • Versatile and robust coding skills, accessible user experience, and a visually pleasing design. 

But what does all of this really mean for your company? 

  1. We are masters of a single software platform; therefore, we know everything about it, and we can use it to deliver the solution you need.
  2. Innovative, reliable, and flexible – these are the characteristics that will describe your system. It will be ready to adapt to changes and thrive by developing continuously. 
  3. Clarity – All too often, companies know things could go much smoother but don’t have the clarity and expertise to put their finger on exactly what can be improved. We define the goal and accomplish it. 
  4. Functionality – We bring ease and accessibility right to your door. Need your system to complete a specific task? We will make it happen. 
  5. Improved performance – Your processes will provide relevant, real-time data and store it in one place. Set specific KPIs, analyze the data, and immediately identify problems and make decisions. You can use this data to unravel new opportunities, save resources, and bring manufacturing to a whole new level. 
  6. Excellent communication – With our solutions and our design, you can display information in an understandable way, which will improve communication across departments. 
  7. Design – this makes us unique in this industry. Numbers are useless if they bore you to tears. We create a visual representation of your data to make it more user-friendly and easy to understand.

…these all lead to the ultimate achievement that will decide your company’s success: 

Higher customer satisfaction. 

What defines our work

We always have three primary goals for our solution: 

  1. It feels right to you.
  2. It looks good to you. 
  3. It works well for you.

If you put these together, you will get some nice, well-working, and user-friendly solutions and output. 


We love sharing knowledge, new findings, and what we have learned throughout a project. We believe this is the best way to grow and find new solutions that enhance our lives.

Reduced risk

We understand the difficulties that come with running a manufacturing company (or any type of company for that matter). Change means primarily unknown, and that will bring out fear. 

We tackle that by offering you a risk-free solution: a free prototype we can implement to see the basics of how the project could work for your benefit.

Agile principles

We are reducing your risk even more by focusing on a continuous flow of output from the process. We work in sprints (usually less than two weeks) and strive to deliver output from each of them. 

We can confidently say that Enuda and Ignition are the best choices for your company. 

Why Ignition?

We have plenty of resources about this, but, essentially, Ignition by Inductive Automation is the first universal industrial application platform. Based on modern IT principles, we can build and scale your solution efficiently and fast. 

Access it anytime, anywhere, and connect it to pretty much everything in your enterprise. 

The three keywords about Ignition are limitless, affordable, and transparent.

You can imagine how much value we found in it as we decided to only focus on it and become certified premier integrators.

We don’t lose sight of what’s important: you don’t have to make these changes all at once, disrupting every system and getting overwhelmed by it. 

We believe in starting small and building along the way; that’s why the agile principles work so well for our clients.  Learn, adjust, and optimise instead of resisting obstacles or unexpected changes.

Enjoy the journey. You’ll have the best team at your side. 


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Written by Jan Madsen,
founder of Enuda

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