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We build SCADA systems and the supporting tools
– all based on modern IT principles

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Modern IT principles.

What if your SCADA system had the same user-friendly design and unlimited functionality as any other modern IT solution?

Your SCADA system doesn’t necessarily have to be ugly, and function isolated on an island with limited connection to the world around it.


and so much more.

We design and build SCADA and MES solutions + the tools supporting them. Our solutions collect, analyse and present process data efficiently and understandably for people in charge of daily operations.

Our entire modus operandi is rooted in agile principles. We split our work into short sprints, and we keep a strong focus on delivering output from each sprint. 

Do not leave the design to the engineers; they wouldn’t know it when they see it! With Ignition 8 we have access to a top-notch mobile-first application for industrial use.

The Enuda team is one big learning machine. Knowledge sharing, transparency and cooperation are at the core of how we think; both internally and towards clients, and a broader audience.

Get rid of tedious tasks.

  • Reporting from multiple data points.
  • Automate your documentation of compliance with regulative frames.
  • Automate check of data to ensure they are within specs.
  • Track & present KPIs.

Empowering solutions.

  • Let everybody work on the same set of valid data.
  • From whiteboards and excel sheets to reliable and accessable data about your business.
  • Simplify and improve your decision process.

Enuda is the first company in the EU, to focus entirely on the non-proprietary platform Ignition. That’s all we do; therefore, we are pretty good at it.

The Enuda team is a bunch of coding people. Unlike what is usual in the industrial application space, we are not electrical engineers with some understanding of code.

Premier Ignition Powerhouse.

All our solutions are build on the non-proprietary Ignition platform.

Modern IT practice with focus on data accessibility and where unlimited is taken for granted.

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