Most Business Advice Today is BS: How Going Against It Boosted Our Value Creation
Published on: Aug 11, 2021

Marketers will tell you that this story isn’t interesting because it’s about the company, and you don’t care about that. 

They’re probably right.

But let me ask you this: when you think about doing business with a company, do you research them? Of course. You look up reviews, you ask around, you check their website and social media… You establish their expertise in your mind. 

Well, you shouldn’t stop there. 

While expertise and skills are absolutely non-negotiable, the way a company you’re planning to work with does business is almost as important. The people, the business model, the values… All of them are part of a partnership that can be either a wonderful experience or a nightmare. 

So, I invite you to stay with me for this one. I wrote it with you in mind. Hence, there could be some value in it for you – about business, the industrial space, or smarter ways of doing things.

The business model at the core

Enuda is the only company in the EU that focuses solely on the Ignition platform for clients needing IIoT, SCADA, or MES solutions. 

Compared to most integrators working in this space, Enuda is different, and that is by design. But being different is not necessarily valuable per se for the people we serve, right?

Being different is important when, and only when, it brings value to the clients. 

Hence, it begs the question: how are we different, why this difference, and what does that mean for you as the client?

Any business, small or large, has a business model. Like any other model, the business model is essentially a description of how that business works. One way of understanding the business model is to see it as several business processes. And the first and maybe most crucial business process is the process of value creation. 

How does the business create value for its customers?

Value creation – what is even valuable for you?

As a customer, you look at the business and think: why should I buy this? What is in it for me? What is the value this potential supplier brings to my doorstep? 

Maybe contrary to common belief, the value creation is not only the product or service supplied. You can perceive several factors valuable surrounding the core offering. 

For example, an overnight courier company using fossil-free fuel in all trucks: the core value is delivery on time, but the low carbon emission can be perceived as a benefit as well for some customers. 

Be different, but not too different

Here is the top-secret about any market: all customers are busy and lazy people. We all are. We have so many things on our plates every day, so many decisions to make that we most likely opt for the simplest way.

Look around, observe what people do and answer this: how do people, in general, solve this particular problem today, and how can we do that more intelligently, better, or more efficiently?

People rarely like something new or untested. The default preference is something different, but not too different:

“An Ignition integrator where everybody wears lederhosen is not different, just plain weird.”


“An Ignition integrator that focuses solely on the Ignition platform is different and makes sense because then they have to be good at it.”

The second is definitely the winner.

The value you get from Enuda

For starters, the Ignition platform is a fantastic tool for building industrial solutions and plays an essential role in creating value. This quote from Inductive Automation is encapsulating it perfectly:

“Ignition bridges the gap between the plant floor and enterprise systems, making it the perfect platform for IIoT, SCADA and MES.”

Inductive Automation

As Premier Ignition Integrator, that is the core of what we do: Enuda is the Go-to-Place for smart IIoT, SCADA, or MES solutions in Ignition, and the goal is to make your life easier.

Alright, we have established the fact that Ignition is a fantastic platform. That is a great beginning. 

But here comes a bit of an obstacle: to reach the great opportunities it opens up, you need to figure out how to build and implement the solutions. Sure, there’s the amazing Inductive University that teaches you pretty much all you need to know to build solutions, but most companies don’t have time for that. That’s the moment they call us. 

The main reason for our laser focus on Ignition is equally simple and powerful: do one thing uniquely well.

Make simple things well

We are in the middle of a powerful digital transformation, where processes and systems turn digital for increased flexibility, efficiency, and cost savings. 

It’s easy to get carried away and aim for “the mother of all solutions”, but that is rarely a practical approach. Our suggestion is to start as small as possible, learn how it works, and adapt accordingly. 

Often, these digital initiatives face resistance from the organisation. Why? Because it means change, and change is scary.

The solution is an old trick: show, don’t tell. We need to show people what they can do using new digital technology and improve their lives and make their everyday lives easier.

Hence, our favourite approach is: make simple things well. Look for something simple in the organisation, not too complex or complicated, and focus on building something that works well. 

Why have a fantastic platform as your tool and then build old-school ugly and inefficient solutions? That makes no sense. 

Massive investment in training

The Enuda team brings value to every delivery, but not only through technical skills. It all boils down to my mantra for growing the Enuda team:

Hire for personality, train for skills.

People can learn to code, but not to be nice. The entire Enuda team is a bunch of people with empathy, excellent communication skills, a love of cooperation, and a thirst for learning new things. 

What does that mean for you as a client?

We play the long game. We have the patience to think long-term, build the skills and focus on creating a culture of both competent and friendly people.

Strategy = Getting things done

“What is the business strategy of Enuda?”

Again, we try not to complicate matters or pretend to be something we are not. 

Often, strategy and strategic decisions are surrounded by a lot of hype and secrecy. In Enuda, not so much: we openly tell you how we think. 

Our strategy has two parts: 

  1. A long-term direction (what are we aiming for) plus, more importantly, daily focus on delivering on our commitments.
  2. Execution

The general long-term direction is: we aim for a position as the natural Go-to-Place for smart IIoT, SCADA, or MES solutions on Ignition making life easier for clients in the EU. 

This long-term direction steers decisions on who should be on the team, our relentless focus on training, and which clients we want to serve. 

The other part of the strategy, focusing on delivering on our commitments, is all about execution. 

I firmly believe 95% of any strategy is implementation or execution. That is the reason we work according to agile principles and have a solid daily focus on output. Yes, doing Ignition coding is usually fun but has no real value before it results in a specific delivery of workable software to you as a client. 

Work-life balance

Enuda is a virtual organisation, which is also part of the value we create. 

Unlike most service providers in the industrial space, young people and a majority of women characterise our organisation. That is a tangible difference compared to almost everybody else working with building intelligent digital solutions for the factory floor, where middle-aged males are predominant. 

Although we all think building workable software solutions on the Ignition platform is fun, we also believe there are other things to life than work. So, we stick to a typical working day and leave the weekend for other stuff. 

It has to be fun to go to work and do your thing.

We believe keeping a good balance and maintaining the fun positively impacts our work, therefore benefiting the client. In that sense, Enuda is a modern organisation aligned with the aspirations and dreams of what work should feel like today.

Hey, you! Skimmed through? Read this part, then

If you’re going to leave with anything out of this blog post, let it be this…

Here’s what truly matters at the end of the day: delivering on your promise (the expertise part) and doing it in a friendly way (the human part). 

This has been our core mission from day 1 and there hasn’t been a time we didn’t respect it. If nothing else, this is a damn good feeling and image of success – for us and for you, the client.

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