Affordable. Automated. Powerful.


No more getting data out of your systems manually. No more Excel spreadsheets full of data nobody knows what to do with. Your SCADA solution and the supporting tools will be completely customised to your needs, scalable, and flexible.


We design intuitive, user-friendly high-performance HMIs that turn data into practical knowledge. Make better decisions in less time with the right data presented to you – accessible on any device (yes, desktop AND mobile).


Ignition is cloud-based and built on open standards. It offers unlimited tags, clients, and connections, allowing you to handle massive amounts of real-time process data and capitalise on it.


Ignition SCADA integrates seamlessly with various devices – from PLCs to SQL databases and APIs to make for a powerful solution.

Alarms, Reporting, Historical Data

– you name it

Using Ignition SCADA, we streamline alarm management and reporting processes, empowering you to solve problems fast and effectively. Using the Tag Historian, you have historical data at your disposal to be up to speed on what’s going on.

Have we mentioned that Ignition’s license pricing is uniquely affordable?

Only pay once for the license and get unlimited clients, tags, and connections Then add modules if you want more functionalities.

Get a free prototype to see Ignition SCADA in action. 

Contact us now to get started!

Only looking for a basic Ignition setup?

Explore the SCADA Starter Package by Enuda – install and configure Ignition in the best way with expert guidance.

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