What we offer

• You can work remotely from where you live in the EU. Either from home or in a local cooffice.
• Don’t worry, if you have no prior experience with Ignition. You will be enrolled in an online training university, and get your credentials enabling you to meet the criteria of the industry.
• You don’t have to have formal education or background as an engineer, programmer or the like, as long as you are willing to learn and can live up to our standards.
• You will be working in an international environment with a small group of colleagues that are self-employed, competent, trustworthy and team players
• You will NOT be working in a traditional corporate business with all its bullsh.. … ahem … stuff not in compliance with human nature.

Who we are

We are a Premier Ignition Integrator; this means that we implement projects and solutions based on the Ignition software platform.

Why we work with the Ignition Platform

Ignition was developed as an alternative to existing SCADA solutions. (Note how cleverly we avoided using the word “disrupted”).
One problem with some existing SCADA solutions is that the industry, in general, suffers from traditional, old school thinking with a purely technical perspective. This means that the solutions are built on old fashioned technology – and the solutions sometimes so ugly they hurt your eyes. Inductive Automation originally developed the Ignition software purely as a SCADA solution (Supervision-Controlling and Data Acquisition) for industrial processes.

Today, the versatile software platform is used for a variety of industrial applications, such as MES (Manufacturing Execution Systems) and solutions build along or parallel to an existing SCADA solutions.

Want to know more about Ignition?

Learn more about Ignition here www.inductiveautomation.com. You will find a lot of background information, user cases, and examples of the use of the software. In addition, you can also download Ignition in a trial version free of charge if you are interested in seeing what it is all about.

Are you still interested?

Then let’s talk. Call me +45 53 89 40 07 or send me an email: jan@enuda.eu

Jan Madsen
November 2020

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