“Ignition bridges the gap between plant floor and enterprise systems, making it the perfect platform for SCADA, IIoT, and MES.”

Inductive Automation

We build fast and reliable solutions on the Ignition platform. That’s literally all we do, so we’re pretty good at it. 

Ignition stands at the core of your operation, connecting and automating your industrial system. 

This non-proprietary platform is accessible anytime, anywhere. You can build any industrial application to fit your needs, boost your functionality and productivity, and display the data in a visually pleasing and understandable way.

You only pay the small price of the Ignition server license once. You get an unlimited number of clients, tags, connections, and designers.

Ignition is a universal industrial application platform. We can build and scale any solution efficiently and fast. Access it anytime, anywhere, and integrate it with pretty much everything in your enterprise. 

Something always changes in your business. You’ll always need MORE. Combining Ignition’s powers with our agile approach, we’ll help you add new, fast and effective functionalities to your systems.

The Ignition platform was developed by Inductive Automation from California.

Their initial goal was to develop an alternative to existing SCADA solutions. Now Ignition is so much more.

What does that mean? 

It only takes 2 minutes to find out from this video.

More about the Ignition platform

Want to learn more about The Ignition Platform?

Visit Inductive Automation’s website.

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