Ignition Integrator

We build solutions on the Ignition platform. That’s literally all we do, so we are pretty good at it.

We constantly refine our delivery process so we can design and deliver customised solutions in a fast and reliable way.

In 2020 we were appointed as Premier Integrator – the highest level you can become as an Integrator.

For the affordable cost of one Ignition server license you get an unlimited number of clients, tags, connections, and designers.

Ignition is a flexible and scalable solution that gives you easy access to your data: from your PC, smartphone or tablet with no geographical limitation.

Ignition can act as your overall data handling hub. This means unlimited connection to all your data tags, PLCs, devices and databases.


The Ignition platform was developed by Inductive Automation from California.

Their initial goal was to develop an alternative to existing SCADA solutions. (Note how cleverly we avoided using the word disrupt). Now Ignition is so much more. It’s a powerful integrated development environment where you can create any kind of industrial application.

Watch the video (2 minutes) and learn more about what Ignition is and how it is used.

More about the Ignition platform

Want to learn more about The Ignition Platform.

Visit Inductive Automation’s website.