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Why did you decide to focus on data accessibility? (Text version)

Based on many years working with the district heating industry, I noticed numerable examples of difficulty in getting access to necessary and valuable process data. Often the solutions used for process data are based on old proprietary systems making it difficult to integrate with a modern IT environment. Therefore, to solve this very tangible problem, we use the mindset and the methods from modern app development to create valuable solutions.

Why do you work with the methods from modern app development and what does it mean? (Text version)

Because these methods are must faster and more efficient compared to the traditional way of thinking SCADA solutions and process data. The most important difference is the relentless focus on Agile Principles.

Why do you focus so much on Agile Principles? (Text version)

Because a cornerstone in “agile principles” is the idea of satisfying the client through early and continuous delivery of working software. I noticed that in an ever-changing business environment, it is difficult to develop detailed specifications. The process is time consuming and complex. The combination of long time and high complexity means high risk and high cost. Agile principles help us by-pass this. This means we focus less on long and extensive specification processes. Instead, we build a prototype fast based on a specific business requirement.

Why do you work with the Ignition software? (Text version)

Our agile approach in combination with the flexibility of the Ignition platform means we can swiftly build working and valuable solutions. Whether the need is data on a mobile device or maybe adapted for a specific user, the combination secures a fast and affordable solution. Ignition offers easy integration with most process equipment (i.e. PLC’s) and databases. The Ignition platform is therefore an ideal solution for bridging process data with the business side of things.

Why do you focus so much on design and have a graphical designer in the team? (Text version)

Because engineers and programmers like to look at, work with and discuss coding in detail. But the daily user is looking at screens and is only interested in the user experience. Our graphical designer adds this essential element to the entire process. This philosophy links back to being inspired by modern app development methods. The engineers and programmers will make it work from the technical point of view, and the designer secures the human context.