Why Open-Source Is The Future-Proof Solution For Success In Manufacturing
Published on: Apr 21, 2021

It brings unmatchable, fast growth.

“Software is eating the world. Open-source is eating software.” 

Mike Milinkovich

Mike Milinkovich’s words represent the meaning of the digital transformation in a nutshell. 

As technology progressed, it has made its way into every aspect of our everyday life, making it easier and faster. But every device we use is separated from the others, each of them requiring isolated attention, which isn’t the most efficient way.

Today’s proprietary industrial software has gotten us to where we are, and we are grateful for them. Still, the time has come to implement more intelligent systems in our lives, in the manufacturing industry, and beyond. 

For that, we need open-source.

Proprietary solutions will not be effective any longer

Until recently, every piece of software used in production and management has been doing its job well as part of the traditional processes. But, as we have covered extensively in the latest blog posts, the IIoT has proven that we can find better solutions. 

One major problem our clients have been experiencing is the lack of interconnectivity and interoperability of their processes. With proprietary systems, you don’t have a connection between the different pieces of a system; therefore, you can’t get relevant, real-time, insightful data of the entire operation. 

It requires a considerable amount of extra effort, time, and money. 

The fantastic advantages of open-source

“None of us is as smart as all of us.” 

Ken Blanchard

A smooth and transparent flow of data

Open-source is about network and collaboration. 

Remember the iPhone analogy I presented in the latest blog post? The benefits of having a platform that connects everything you need and makes it available for you anytime and anywhere… is priceless. 

The automation stack (the way we stack things on top of each other in traditional automation solutions) is now more of an obstacle that holds you back from having a seamless data flow. That’s why we’re moving away from it and towards open-source solutions.

Convenience, efficiency, and speed are the pillars of this fantastic opportunity.

Dramatically faster development

Proprietary software can’t possibly keep up with today’s changes in business needs. Not even the most potent software vendors have the resources to innovate to keep up with the demands. 

This concept’s collaborative innovation allows for a much more fast-paced development because of the multiple contributions the community can make. 

The open standards, open protocols, open solutions – all of these bring together time and knowledge, different perspectives, and other needs that can be addressed to cover a large spectrum of problems, making the improvements much faster and effective.

With Ignition, we will show you the way

Enuda is a systems integrator on industrial solutions in the process of digital transformation. In simpler terms, we are essentially bringing enhanced accessibility, design, and an ideal flow of insightful data to your door, using agile principles.

To do that, we have focused on becoming professional experts using a single, unique software platform: Ignition by Inductive Automation. 

Ignition is the open-source solution that stands at the core of your operation, connecting and automating your industrial system. 

With modern IT practices, this non-proprietary platform is accessible anytime, anywhere, and it provides essential knowledge about your company’s performance. You can build any industrial application to fit your needs, boosting your functionality and productivity, and display the data in a visually pleasing and understandable way. 

“Ignitions bridges the gap between plant floor and enterprise systems, making it the perfect platform for SCADA, IIoT, and MES.” 

Inductive Automation

Ignition is the open-source platform that offers everything we need in terms of technology, but what makes it truly work is our professional expertise AND our personality-filled cooperation. 

We believe that, beyond the essential need for knowledge, other elements make a collaboration fruitful: an open mind, transparency, generosity, empathy, and, last but not least, providing as much comfort as possible by minimising the risks. 

The move towards open source solutions ultimately means a beautiful thing: humans welcome the idea of working together to ignite innovation. 

Ignition makes that happen in the industrial environment. All parts involved in the process can contribute to developing the perfect solution for your company to thrive. 

We sincerely appreciate that about Ignition. That’s why we decided to become masters at it and use it to bring your company to a higher level of success. 

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